Amateur Selfies is a Photo Entertainment type of website, we featured often of girls shared there beautiful and sexiest part of there body and those people viral in social media. We are NOT publishing NUDE/NAKED pictures but we allow “ALMOST” Naked like you can see often in Hand Bras and Booty Selfies.  Amateur Selfies is NOT always about girls showing off there private body parts. We find interesting stories behind thus selfies.  People love selfies so we have the idea why not gather them all to one place. Our team doing the best to search , gather amazing selfies around the internet. But its much more better if you guys / girls out there can share your own selfies. Send us anything and tell us about thus interesting stories behind thus pictures. You can submit them on our Facebook Fan Page click here  (this is only temporary while our developer working with our upload page ).

Also we create a Tumblr Community for you to share your selfies, we will post , tag , re- blog your account into our page. Your information will be kept , sealed and not use to harm you or illegal activity. Visit our RSC or Random Selfies Community.

amateurselfies.net targeting audience  18+ of age however and honestly speaking we can’t stop teenagers to visit our site.  But nothing to worry  amateurselfies.net user friendly we keep our content clean and unique!!!

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