Nina Dobrev Strips Down And Gets Wet For Men’s Health And For Our Enjoyment

I will admit that I honestly don’t know what Nina Dobrev is doing these days, but I will also admit that it is things like this that really make me pay attention to her career and her next moves. Does that make me a gross dude? Perhaps. But hey, enough of that, let’s check out more Nina.

The last few times we saw Nina she was doing some sexy yoga for Conan, and then she had lost her bikini bottoms along with Julianne Hough, and now this time around she’s showing off some skin thanks to being this year’s model for Men’s Health annual tech guide. I don’t know what that is, but I should brush up on my tech knowledge. And I think Nina can help with that.

Why? Well, let’s just first check out the cover of next month’s tech guide thanks to Nina’s Instagram:

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And since we like things that move, here is Nina getting out of the water in slow motion:

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And hell, let’s just end this with a few more photos:

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