Nipples Glitters Hottest Fashion Trends Today

We love our viral trends and the latest crazes — that’s why shower beers made our head turn, as much as the pointless (but glorious) Underboob Pen Challenge made our head turn, too. Sure, they aren’t important at all, but they sure are nice to look at. And this right here is no different.

So what is it? It’s called Glitter Nipples and it is exactly what it sounds like. It is just a sticky subject gals paste on their nipples: Fashion! And we sure are a fan. It all started when model, Binx Walton walked down the Saint Lauren runway in a black leather dress. But all that anyone could pay attention to was her glittering nips.

And now? Now gals everywhere are trying it out. Check some of them nips below:


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Disclaimer: I had a spray tan prior to this holidaisy.

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Holidaisy 2: Return Of The Disco Tits ✨ #discotits

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Missing dis today….. In da mood to dress like an adult bb and sang muah ❤️ out

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In conclusion, we are desperately running out of ideas. In more of a conclusion, it’s ideas like this that really make us appreciate glitter. And nips, too. Can’t forget about that.