Thor Hammer For Real

When it comes to Norse mythology, my knowledge is pretty much all derived from Hollywood movies. In other words, I watched Thor and the various other superhero movies that he was in. If you’re not familiar with Thor, he’s the hammer-wielding god that is associated with lighting, thunder, and Chris Hemsworth. And one of the really cool things about Thor is that his hammer, the Mjolnir, can only be lifted by those that are deemed “worthy.” Not worthy? Then sorry friend, there’s just no way that you’re picking up that hammer. Of course, the Mjolnir isn’t actually real, so you don’t have to worry about embarrassing your unworthy self when you try to pick up random hammers and come upon Thor’s favorite weapon. But wait! Maybe it is real!? One clever fellow decided to make an actual Mjonir hammer that is more or less impossible to pick up unless you happen to be him. Admittedly, he may have used a little less Norse magic and a little bit more science for his rendition. Still, the results are impressive (and hilarious).

This is awesome video very genius work, believe the power of science i hope to see more avengers inventions like this so if you like the video please do share it to your friends and family.

Source: Sufficiently Advanced