Top 17 Sex Tape Secrets Revealed

While some folks choose to do their sex tape in an aisle at a Walmart for all to see, most folks like to keep their sexual adventures a secret. But thanks to Whisper, people that have made a sex tape now have a platform to share all their sex tape secrets — just like now we can all read them like the gross, perverted humans we are.

Sure, Kylie Jenner may or may not have a sex tape out there, but the men and women below do, and each of them have very different feelings about it. Check out some of these secrets below.

Well, depending on how you feel about it, it seems that there are two extremes when making a sex tape: Either you’re going to have super positive feelings about it afterwards, or you’re going to have super negative feeling about it after it is all said and done. So give it some thought before doing it.